what our volunteers are saying

“what i value about being a space2grieve volunteer is the unique relationship I form with my clients. i learn something from everyone i support. i like getting to know them and feel privileged that they trust me enough to share their feelings with me. i feel good knowing that i have made a difference to someone’s life”

“i feel very privileged to sit alongside the pain and suffering of those experiencing grief
and loss. not everyone can do it… there are many things i am not able to do but i can do
this! and therefore feel very grateful that in doing so i can contribute to easing others’ pain”

“i work full time and i make time to volunteer as a Specialist Bereavement Supporter. This is the best thing i do all week and this is how i look after my well-being”

“i feel as if i am part of something important and get great satisfaction from helping others”

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