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Be part of a group motivated to make a difference to our local community, now and in the future.

Being part of space2grieve means being part of a group of people dedicated to providing the best Bereavement Support for the residents of Richmond Borough.  It gives you a chance to gain new skills, build friendships, attend regular social events and training, share ideas, and most of all, contribute to our local community.

There are many ways you could volunteer for space2grieve.

If you would like to train to become one of our wonderful Bereavement Support Specialists, please contact to chat about what they do and how the training programme works.

what our volunteers are saying

“what i value about being a space2grieve volunteer is the unique relationship I form with my clients. i learn something from everyone i support. i like getting to know them and feel privileged that they trust me enough to share their feelings with me. i feel good knowing that i have made a difference to someone’s life”

“i feel very privileged to sit alongside the pain and suffering of those experiencing grief
and loss. not everyone can do it… there are many things i am not able to do but i can do
this! and therefore feel very grateful that in doing so i can contribute to easing others’ pain”

“i work full time and i make time to volunteer as a Specialist Bereavement Supporter. This is the best thing i do all week and this is how i look after my well-being”

“i feel as if i am part of something important and get great satisfaction from helping others”


Whether it’s a cake bake, running 10k, a cycle ride or a pub quiz, there are many ways to fundraise and support the work we do at space2grieve.

Get in touch by email at and we can help you with sponsorship forms and other materials to help you get started.

We would love to hear your ideas.

raise awareness

You can help space2grieve simply by spreading the word about our service and how we can support those who are struggling with loss and grief.

If you could distribute or display any of our outreach materials, it would be an enormous help. Print out one of our A4 posters and ask for it to be displayed in your community space.  It could be a GP surgery, hairdresser, supermarket & local authority noticeboard, school, college, staff-room, cafe or your local library.  Anywhere in Richmond Borough where it can be seen by someone who needs support – it could make a huge difference.

If you get a poster displayed or see one near you, post a picture on social media and tag us.

Save our digital leaflet to your phone, and share it with friends and family, and ask them to do the same.

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Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and Like, Share, Retweet and comment on our posts.

space2grieve A4 poster
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